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  1999 – “Silver Avi” company foundation

  2001 – Registered as an original brand

  2005 – Limited company established

  2009 – Nagoya branch opened

  2011 – Leather goods factory established

  2011 – Crocodile farm established

  2012 – Leather processing plant established

  2015 – Crocodile leather sales start

  2017 – Became a leather OEM


Founder and CEO

Mr Avi Fitoussi

Silver Avi was founded in 1999 in Japan, focusing on the design and marketing of original silver and leather goods, as well as custom and order-made products.

Currently, the company has expanded into the Aquaculture business: crocodile farming, processing of crocodile leathers, and production of leather goods. The operation is located in Loyet Province, Isan region, in the kingdom of Thailand.


We are working closely with Thai farmers and craftsman, to develop the crocodile business in Isan, and in doing so connect the people of Loyet province to the rest of Thailand.

Kumiko Tongu

Ms. Kumiko manages operations in Isan, Thailand, including the crocodile farm, tannery, and factory. She spends half of her time in Isan, and the rest in her homeland of Japan.


Over the years, Ms. Kumiko has managed to build a solid network of business contacts in Loyet province, and is well known throughout the aquaculture industry in the region of Isan.


Passionate about conveying the allure of Isan through crocodile products, Ms. Kumiko constantly strives for production of crocodile products of the finest quality, by local craftsmen of Isan, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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