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Crocodile association


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Silver Avi is a member of the Roi-et Crocodile Aquaculture Society, and about 50 Aquaculture companies belong to the association. Overall, we manage about 6000 crocodile. The Aquaculture Association works in partnership, and the Roi-et Crocodile Aquaculture Association has the slogan of Roi-et to the world, In order to improve quality, develop crocodile aquaculture, and develop Esan's industry, Silver Avi also As the only tanning agent in Roi-et, we held study sessions aimed at stabilizing the income of members, etc. ─ Members play a role in boosting industry.

ー​what we do?ー

The Roi-Et Crocodile Aquaculture Association is divided into two groups, with Mr. Delay and Mr. Wood serving as their chairmen.


Mr. Pisnook, as a member of the association, is striving every day to help the industry prosper. He studies about crocodiles, answers member questions, and supervises the entire group.


The association supervises the hatching of eggs. When the crocodile is large enough, it is distributed to a member of the association; the crocodile is reared by the member, and once it is sold, the profits are divided between the member and the association.


The association strives to help the people of Roi-Et province and Issan, by developing the aquaculture industry in the region.


Mr Wood (left)  Mr Dely (Middle) Mr Peesnuk(right)

ーHow to grow them?ー

Siamese crocodiles, which are native to Thailand, are mainly bred. Saltwater crocodiles, which are larger, are violent in nature, and must be separated from Siamese crocodiles. The Roi-Et Association is calling on farmers to rear Siamese crocodiles only, as they are native to Thailand.


Egg laying season: April-May


In captivity, females lay an average of about 30 eggs per crocodile in a season; these are collected by the farmers and kept in incubation until they hatch.


When kept at a temperature below 30°C or above 33°C, females are produced; otherwise, males are produced. About 70% of eggs hatch naturaly.


Until the age of 2, crocodiles are reared collectively in closed enclosure. They are fed chickens once per week. Additionally, the quality of water is monitored and controlled.


Educational tours are performed at our facilities, in partnership with the Roi-Et Association and prefectural government.













Roi-et Crocodile Aquaculture Society actively sells crocodile leather to the world.

CITES is issued based on international treaties, all the crocodile leather is tanned and making leather products on the grounds of Roi Et.

If you want to know more information, please contact us.


Thank you

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